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The following rules will remain unchanged during the BIG SUN Tournament schedule. Interpretation of these rules shall be left exclusively to the Tournament Director and representatives of BIG SUN Tournament Trail.

  1. Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times by all tournament participants. Each participant is required to abide by all of the applicable laws of the State of Florida. USGC approved life preservers will be worn be all participants any time that a boat is on a plane or traveling at more than 5 mph. No participant shall ride in an elevated seat while the boat is on a plane. Navigation lights are required, and shall be used whenever visibility is impaired due to weather conditions. Engine kill switches are not required, but are recommended to be attached to the driver anytime the gas motor is running. Any participant receiving a fine or citation from any law enforcement agency during tournament hours will be disqualified from that tournament.

  2. The use of alcoholic beverages by participants of legal age is not recommended, but will not be considered grounds for disqualification as long as the participants are not breaking any laws or acting in a manner that gives the appearance of being intoxicated. If any participant is considered to be intoxicated by the Tournament Director, receives a citation from any law enforcement agency, or is under the legal age limit and has consumed alcohol, they will be disqualified from that tournament.

  3. Tournament hours will be considered safe light until 3:00 PM. The Tournament Director will determine when it is safe to operate a boat, and may delay the start of any tournament if safety dictates. The ending time of 3:00 PM will not be moved or adjusted due to a late start. All tournament participants will be required to be at the launch site ready to weigh in their fish prior to 3:00 PM in order to not be considered late. Any team that arrives late will be penalized .25 lbs per minute up to 15 minutes, and then will be considered disqualified. Any boat in distress should contact the Tournament Director to receive guidance and permission as to how to proceed.

  4. There will be a 5 fish limit per participating boat. Each tournament participant will be provided a waiver that will allow fish of any length to be weighed. Each boat will be required to possess a working live-well capable of keeping a minimum of 5 fish alive for the duration of each tournament. Each dead fish that is weighed in will be penalized the amount of .25 lbs.

  5. Only artificial baits may be used, and each participant may only use one fishing rod at a time. Fishing rods over 8' in length will not be allowed.

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