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  1. All members must conduct themselves within the regulations of our Club, the Florida Wildlife Commissions and all State, County and Local Laws and Regulations

  2. Monthly Tournament Fees are $60.00 per boat.  Tournaments will be held on the Third (3rd) Sunday of each month.

  3. Payouts on the Monthly Tournament will be as follows:

  4.                          5 Boats and under                                   1 Place

                             6 - 8 Boats                                                 2 Places

                             9 – 11 Boats                                              3 Places

                           12 – 18 Boats                                              4 Places

                         19+ – We get here...we will fill this in...
             All payouts will be made at the ramp after the Tournament. 

  5. The season will run from June to April with the Classic held in May. This equals 11 Monthly Tournaments and a Classic. To qualify for the Classic, a team must fish at least six (6) Regular Tournaments. One substitute fisherman will be allowed for the Classic.

  6. The Classic Tournament is $60 to qualified club members per boat.

  7. Tournament Director will give final interpretation of these rules.

  8. Final Year End Points for the season will be derived from the total of the 11 Tournaments (June thru April). If your team does not fish, you will receive zero (0) points for that tournament.  The points accumulate for the year will only matter for the Angler(s) of the Year.  Angler(s) of the Year will receive an award of $200.00 Cash. 

  9. The Lakes that we will fish each month have been picked. Click Schedule Button for this year’s tournament locations.


Big Sun Bass Club

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