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JUNE 2016
  1. All Tournaments will start at SAFE LIGHT AND END AT 3:00 P.M.; 2:00 P.M. DURING JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, AND SEPTEMBER, weather permitting, as determined by the Tournament Director or Club Officers.

  2. Only artificial lures may be used.  No rods longer than 8 ft. in length will be allowed.  (Only one (1) line per fisherman is allowed in the water at any time.)  If live bait (shiners, minnows, etc.) are used, you will be disqualified and possibly suffer further penalty.

  3. A courtesy “50 yard cushion” is required between boats, as long as one of the boats is anchored and the trolling motor is up.  Violators may be subject to a penalty as determined by the Club Officers.

  4. All boats must be minimum 14 feet in length.  No air boats.  Each boat must have an aerated live well able to sustain a live limit of fish.

  5. Anglers may fish anywhere they can go on the designated water by boat, in the water, from the launch site.  Each boat will be limited to two (2) anglers fishing.  A third non-fishing person (observer) may be in the boat.

  6. Limits for each tournament follow the FWC rules and Waivers. If you are late arriving to the Tournament and did not receive a Waiver, you must follow the State Regulations.

  7. Anyone late for departure or leaving a Tournament early must leave a note on a club member’s vehicle window or phone the Tournament Director.  This is a safety measure.  If a club member is not notified, disqualification and/or point penalty could result.

  8. Payouts will be based on team effort.  If only one team catches fish, they will receive First Place and Big Fish payout only.  The balance will go into the Club Fund.

  9. Points awarded on team effort are awarded as follows:
    1st Place – 100 points, 2nd Place 98 points, etc.  Decreasing by two (2) points per boat thru the last boat that weighs in fish.  Ties are awarded the same number of points. If we have a tie that will constitute as 2 places. Teams that fish, but do not weigh in fish, will be awarded 10 points less than the Last Place Team that weighed in fish.  One (1) point per live fish weighed.  One (1) point per pound weighed, rounded up or down

  10. In the event a team splits up, both teams will receive 100% of the total points that team presently has accumulatedif starting a new team.

  11. Weigh-in will be done in any order, but all fish must be brought to the scales and returned to the water by using a weigh-in bag with water in it as to not harm the fish.  The Tournament Director and the angler are to view the weight and report it to the Club Treasurer for recording.

  12. Anyone late for weigh-in will be penalized one (1) pound per minute up to ten (10) minutes, at which time they will be disqualified.  If a team is late, they will be notified immediately upon beaching their boat. If an angler/team has a breakdown, the team will not receive a penalty, nor will the team helping them back to safety.  Running out of gas is not a breakdown

  13. Dead Fish Penalty will be 1/2 pound per dead fish. If the dead fish is your big bass 1/2 pound penalty is NOT deducted from Big Fish weight.  NO CULLING DEAD FISH.  Every effort must be made to keep fish alive and released alive

  14. No trolling with big motor or trolling motor allowed

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