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  1. All members must conduct themselves within the regulations of our Club, the Florida Wildlife Commissions and all State, County and Local Laws and Regulations

  2. Club Membership Dues will be $20.00 per year payable at the Monthly Meeting in June.  A fisherman is allowed to substitute in two (2) tournaments before the $20.00 fee is due.

  3. All Prospective new teams will be required to fish one (1) Regular Monthly Tournament before being voted in as a regular member.  This will require a 2/3 vote of the members present.  After being voted in, the member will be required to pay the Club Dues of $20.00 before the next tournament.  During the first tournament period the prospective member is not eligible for the Progressive Big Bass Pot.

  4. Monthly Tournament Fees are $60.00 per boat.  Tournaments will be held on the Third (3rd) Sunday of each month.  There will be only one meeting for the year.  It will be held the Wednesday after the Classic in May.  At this meeting we will elect officers, go over the By-Laws, and pick the lakes for the next year’s tournaments.

  5. We are a Team Club and all payouts are per team. (A Team consists of one (1) or two (2) people.)  The breakdown of the $60.00 Tournament Fee is:

               Tournament Big Bass     $10.00             Progressive Big Bass     $ 3.00

               Club Fund                         $15.00            Tournament Payout      $32.00


  6. Payouts on the Monthly Tournament are based upon the total number of boats times $32.00.  Payouts will be one (1) place for each three (3) boats.

                             5 Boats and under                                   1 Place

                             6 –   8 Boats                                               2 Places

                             9 – 11 Boats                                               3 Places

                           12 – 14 Boats                                               4 Places

                         15 – 17 Boats, etc.                                        5 Places, etc.
             All payouts will be made at the ramp after the Tournament. 

  7. The season will run from June to April with the Classic held in May.  This equals 11 Monthly Tournaments and a Classic.  A team must fish six (6) Regular Tournaments to qualify for the Classic.  A team may buy into the Classic, after a minimum of two (2) Regular Tournaments.  One substitute fisherman will be allowed for the Classic.

  8. The Classic Tournament Fee will be $100.00 per boat.  Big Bass will be paid for each day.  If no one hits the Progressive Big Bass Pot on either day, the Progressive Pot will be divided equally between the winners of the Big Bass for each day.  The $100.00 per boat will be split as follows:

                                    Big Bass                               $10.00/Day

                                    Tournament Pay Out            $80.00

                                    No money will be added to the Progressive Big Bass Pot from the Classic.

  9. The payoff at year end will be as follows:
                      The club funds will be divided between all club members based on their finish in Classic
                      The $80/boat will be split between all boats fishing in the Classic based on their finish in the Classic
                      The amount each position will pay will be based on number of boats
                      If you do not fish in the Classic you will be considered to be in last place
                      If you do not qualify for the Classic you will not receive a payout

  10. All boat owners must give the club a current copy of their boat’s $300,000 Liability Insurance Declaration Page.  You may not be allowed to fish a tournament if this is not adhered to.

  11. If the need arises to reject a member, it will take a vote of 2/3 of the members present.  This will be by secret ballot taken at the ramp.

  12. Club Officers will give final interpretation of these rules

  13. Final Year End Points for the season will be derived from the total of the First 11 Tournaments (June thru April) dropping the two (2) lowest scores. If a member of your team does not fish, you will receive zero (0) points for that tournament.  The points accumulate for the year will only matter for the Year End Champion.  Year End Champions will receive an award of $200.00 Cash. 

  14. The Lakes that we will fish for the next year will be picked at the Annual Meeting including the location of the Classic.  This location cannot be more than 100 miles from Ocala.

                       Click Schedule Button for this year’s tournament locations.


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